A Collective for Artisans

There are countless aspects to creating a healthy business -- far to much for most any solo-preneur.

Artisans and makers have some unique struggles that deserve dedicated attention and personal support.

Well used workbench covered with artists' supplies

Information Overload

The internet and social media is overflowing with information and generic advice - much of it targeted at makers.  Even more of it focusing on small businesses.  And much of it is exceptionally good and useful, but most of it - not so much. 
Honestly, though, even the useful content feels disjointed and often vague to the real people who are the entrepreneurs, the makers and artisans.  It might make sense, and even speak to your deepest emotions. 

Analysis Paralysis

But how to put those gems of wisdom to work and actually make it all happen as a unified, organic whole business often feels hopeless. 

  • Where to start? 
  • Where can I get help? 
  • Who will give me honest, thoughtful feedback?
  • Who will listen to me?
  • How can I get that extra push when I feel unsure?

There must be priorities.  There must be focus.  Clear direction.

​And honestly the nerve to know when it's time to shift direction. 
We cannot do it all, by ourselves, all the time.  Really.  


Together We Rise

I want to change that.  And as a local Arizona artisan and business-woman, I know from personal experience, that what's missing is the face-to-face, human dialogue and partnership. 
We need the opportunity to connect with real people.  We need local connections and resources.
When we know each other, trust each other, and have access to a meaningful knowledge-base, we can help find solutions to very real challenges that work in the context of our community and culture where we are doing business.
Personal contact and shared experiences will allow us to foster a strong local community which in turn lifts each of us up a little closer to our dreams.


We need support and a network.   Big Ideas.  Big Energy.  We need a Mastermind Group.  


Here's what I've come up with -- with the help and support of a small group of like minded Arizona creatives... Announcing the Arizona Artisans Collective, a professional fellowship of Arizona Makers and Artisans.


Arizona Artisans Collective logo and tag line


​Let's do this.  It is  going to be amazing!   Come on in...

Happy Making,

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  • Susan

    Hi Miriam,

    Great post! I’ve been looking for a local mastermind group to join, as I know the benefits are huge for a artisan/business owner, especially the connections that can be made. I look forward to the meeting on Thursday and a great discussion on all the topics you mentioned. Thanks again!

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