A Leap Into the Unknown

Originally posted 2/23/2014

A Little Reminiscing on Where This All Started

From studying economics and accounting to 26 years as a corporate finance director in Silicon Valley and the NFL -- to reinventing myself as a full-time maker of things and student of art.  

I never would have guessed that I'd actually find myself immersed in a tactile and creative world - one that I had longed for when I dared to consider my "true folly".  


Are You Defined By Your "Career"?

I thought my path was chosen and I was thoroughly committed to the craft of being what I had "decided to be" one day during my freshman year at college.  (I still remember that long conversation with my Dad, in the basement family room, when I was back home in Connecticut on break.)  

It was a huge achievement to get to that place in my career so many years later, and particularly so because I wasn't drawn to that career - it was just a "decision" that I had made.  It took immense dedication and hard work to master those technical skills and that culture and I wasn't about to imagine getting off that train.  I was rolling down that track and so was my whole family.  Besides, between work, and raising two children, and making a home, there was no time or space to veer off that path that I was entrenched in.  

Making it Work

I made it work by being myself outside of work.  I had always been a gardener, in every respect of the word.  Since I can remember.  Obsessive even, with my time in nature to create gardens, and flow with the seasons, and plant seeds.  And even toy with the idea of growing my own food - except that the squirrels usually won that challenge.  I would spend every spare moment immersed in books, and visiting famous gardens, and mostly just digging in the dirt.  It was my escape and my joy and my sanity.

Truthfully, I was proud of what I had accomplished and achieved in my "career", but I wasn't inspired or connected to a future of my own.  


One Day it Had to Change

Until one day... in my heart and mind I just knew.... without a doubt...  It was time to exit that corporate world and create one of my own making.  A leap into the unknown.  

And with the support of my exceptional husband, Michael, I am forging my path, head-long into an exciting and colorful future full of creative energy and lots and lots of really way-cool tools!  

Fortunately, given that I have decades of business experience, I realize that ultimately what I am doing in the end, is building a business (well, with any luck that'll be the result).  One that I will be proud of. 

Ready?  Set?  Go!

There's never going to be a perfect time to make this all happen, so let's just do it now.  Take a step in the right direction, followed by another,...

Stay tuned - I've got some really fun stuff planned...

Miriam Carlson-Maier

Miriam in Arizona

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