The Colors I Love

Old Norse Heritage

I am very fortunate to have many connections to art (and music) in my family, going back many generations. 

As you may have heard me talk about in other posts, I realize now that we are very much the result of where and who we come from. 

I'm not entirely sure that it's a straight line.  Or even that our heritage is what defines us. 

But somewhere deep down inside it seems that what fulfills us in the most personal and profound ways is often connected to our heritage and those who came before us.


My Great Grandfather

My Mother's grandfather, or "Farfar" in Swedish, was a professional artist in Sweden.  He was very prolific and quite adept at everything from watercolor to pencil to pastel and was known for crafting custom greeting cards.

I am lucky to have a few of his pieces in my home now - and they just feel like home to me.

It's the subject matter, the colors, the delicate work and the sense of humor that speak to me.

Watercolor by Elis Svanstrom Sr. Charcoal drawing by Elis Svanstrom Sr. Pastel artwork by Elis Svanstrom Sr.


A Swedish Icon

The colors and softness of my great-grandfathers' work is very reminiscent to me of a very famous Swedish painter named Carl Larsson who I adore.  He lived in the mid to late 19th century.  He is truly an icon of the Swedish culture not just for the style and colors of his work, but most importantly because of the subject matter.

I finally got a chance to see his family home and countryside last summer in northern Sweden and it was just stunning.  His home and his family and their daily life was the focus of much of his work.

Learn More:  Carl Larsson, Artist

Breakfast Under the Birch by Carl Larsson Flowers on the Windowsill by Carl Larsson

Letter Writing by Carl Larsson


My Inspiration

My inspiration - It comes from a thousand years ago, and from my family and my heritage and from somewhere inside.  What a wonderful realization.

I can't understand why I can barely draw a straight line or paint as my Mom and my family do.  But.... I will forge my own creative path and bring that colorful Nordic heritage along for good measure.

Surround yourself with Beauty & Art,


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