What's in a Name?

Why "Baldur" Studios? 

Just in case you are curious, here's a little bit of the back drop.

I have a fond connection to my Swedish heritage, and love of things nostalgic and organic. 

So, it seemed appropriate when I stumbled across the story of this ancient Norse mythological figure from Viking times, named "Baldur". 

He was going to be my muse and connection to my heritage.


Baldur and Lily of the Valley

Baldur was known as the spirit of hope and renewal, like a shining day in spring.  Imagery of him suggested that he glowed. 

He represented innocence, peace, beauty, and kindness. 

And he is often connected with white blossoms and flowers - in particular Lily of the Valley which is so lovely and delicate and innocent!


Lily of the Valley an enduringly romantic and wild bloom


The Alluring Lily of the Valley

"Convallaria majalis"

I absolutely adore Lily of the Valley. More so because it seems so remote to me now, living here in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.  It feels like such an elusive, and mysterious bloom. 


The sweet fragrance appearing only briefly for a show in earliest spring. 


Is it really true that the roots are poisonous? 

Lily of the Valley's delicate blossoms

Meanwhile, until I can get my hands on one of these prints, anyone out there living in the... "north land" have images of Lily of the Valley growing in your garden, or nearby woodlands? PLEASE SHARE!


Memories of the Fleeting Bloom

My mama recently shared this lovely memory with me:


When I was a young girl, living in Uddeby Cottage, we went to a special place -- an island in a big lake -  although the ‘water' was a farmer’s plowed field and the "island" was in the middle of this field where there was an ancient pile of enormous rocks.  There were many birch trees and other wild plants growing.  It was quite large.  And, that is where the beautiful, elegant, fragrant Lily of the Valley grew in the spring.  It was such a special thing.  And usually it was a fleeting moment of early spring, and then gone.  They don’t last long.  As far as we knew it was only there they grew.  On this rock "island" in the farmers field in Sweden.  Never found them anywhere else.
~ Ulla


'Uddeby' is the name given to Mom's family home on the water of the north shores of Lake Vänern nearby the ancient fishing village of Kristinehamn in Sweden.


Mythology Connections

For those of you really into the mythology, Baldur was the son of Odin and Frigg, and his siblings were Thor and Vali. 

According to legend, Baldur lived at a place called "Breidablik", where the roof of his house is made of silver which was resting on pillars of gold.

Honestly, while I love a good viking tale and even some viking dramas, I am truly not a viking devotee.  But it's a part of my way-back and now it's part of my here and now.


The Name, The Logo, and the Muse

So, you may notice that my logo for this venture is all about Lily of the Valley.  Also, the logo has the look of a viking shield, just a little bit. 

Now you know why!

Logo of Baldur Studios with Lily of the Valley

I just love what this figure represented to ancient Norse people and want a tiny bit of that romantic energy to visit this little venture of mine.


Thanks for reading!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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