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Through our partner company The Whiskey Porch we will help you find a stunning locally crafted piece of artwork that brings your space together in perfect harmony. 

Scale, style, motif, topic, color, placement, lighting all play a role and we've got access to a vast catalog of inspired artists in Arizona. 

Whether it's a large or small piece of artwork you are dreaming of, or even smaller handmade decor items we can help you source and style artwork for your home or office.

We can provide this service for a single problem or feature space, or as part of a larger Design Plan project.


Local artwork

Can make your space feel warm, personal, and stimulating.  Surround yourself with Beauty & Art.

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No problem.  If you're not sure what you need and just want to learn a bit more, give us a shout and we can chat a bit first. 

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