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My Little Brother

I can hardly even remember my little brother existing without his own work shop and projects.  It's truly not only his passion, but has been in many guises, his way of making a living. 

Clearly he learned it from our Dad and all those weekend projects. (Read:  Wooden Treasure Boxes)

But then he seems to have spontaneously learned how to do so much with it just by exploring.  

Fine furniture and cabinets along with entire kitchens and a few handmade kayaks thrown in for fun.  And they are in fact sea worthy.  I mean why buy a kayak when you can make your own, right? 

Ben an inspired artist

He started out with making a coffered ceiling in a remodel in a tiny little bungalow in San Francisco (his first house) - where did that come from?  He just did it.  

And along the way he owned a Woodcraft franchise and now is designing buildings and furniture along with his wife who is an architect. 

He and his wife have created a little cottage and home for Mom tucked away in the oak trees and we decided to name it "Ekollon" - little acorn, in Swedish.  It is truly a work of art full of subtle details and design.

Ekollon Cottage a craftsman style bungalow


I crafted a custom enameled sign for the door complete with tiny acorns (ekollon in Swedish) and oak leaves to embellish the front door of the gem that my brother Ben designed and built.  This was perhaps one of our first "official" collaborations.


Handmade enamel door plaque made for Ekollon Cottage

My little brother, he's just like his Father -  Happiest in his shop (which is HUGE and FABULOUS) and surrounded by a cadre of awesome tools - creating and building in the wine country in Northern California.


Me and my "little" brother Ben in California outside his work shop


With gratitude and joy I remember that "We Are Who We Come From", my "little" brother and I.  And we, these days, are collaborating on cool and fun projects because creativity is always better that way!  

We really do seem to make quite the tag team when it comes to home design and artwork.  What a treat to discover.


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