We Are Who We Come From

We are who we come from.  We are where we come from. 

It is a surprising realization because we often feel so at ease with the fact that we are told, as Americans, that we can be whatever we wish to be. 

All you have to do is decide and work hard and set your mind to that future place where you will achieve your chosen dream. 

And we are fortunate to have that freedom and opportunity in this country to pursue endless careers and directions. 


Move Forward, But Treasure Your Past

But, one thing that we often lose in that pursuit of the future is to consider where we come from and what we have inside.  It's hard to do that.  Almost scary. 

Maybe it doesn't fit with that big, "successful" career that you and your family assume for your future. 

Maybe you're not even sure of where you come from at that point in your life.

Stockholm Sweden, an ancient city full of color and art

A Family of Artists

I have come to know that, shockingly, I come from a family of true artists! 

I knew that, sort of.  But I didn't really KNOW this until I took that big leap off my corporate career path, and had the time and space and composure to really look back and SEE it. 

I mean, not only was I finally willing to admit (not only to myself, but others) that I was truly happiest when I was making things with my own hands, but that I was surrounded by family and friends that were also artists. 

And it went back generations.  I was stunned. And, I was thrilled!

I suppose I was well aware of the facts, but I never really grasped what it meant to me, and who I was. 


Gratitude & Appreciation

I realized too that art is not just a matter of using oil paint and a brush on a canvas, but that true art exists in so many forms and mediums and surprising places. 


Doors and passages in Gripsholm Castle in Stockholm, Sweden

Doors & passages at Gripsholm Castle


So, having figured this out, I wanted to take a little time to acknowledge and appreciate that I come from a family deeply rooted in the arts and that is profoundly who I am.  

You'll find a few separate blog posts along those lines...


Thank you for reading!  If you've discovered "where you truly come from" I'd love to hear - drop a note in the comments below.


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