Winter Solstice Collection - Lucia
Winter Solstice Collection - Lucia
Winter Solstice Collection - Lucia
Winter Solstice Collection - Lucia
Miriam Carlson-Maier

Winter Solstice Collection - Lucia

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Exceptional detail is incorporated by combining the flame-worked pendant in a handcrafted piece with sterling silver wire work, Japanese glass seed beads, and vintage Bali-Silver accent beads. The latch is handmade from sterling-silver as well.

This piece features velvet ribbon for a bright touch.

​Necklace is about 16" in length.

"Lucia":  Santa Lucia's Day is celebrated on December 13th in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. It commemorates the life of Santa Lucia, who is also known as Saint Lucy. It's the beginning of the Christmas season in those countries and is a celebration of light – at the time of year when the world is darker.  We published a blog post @

Arizona Artist:  Miriam Carlson-Maier.


On view at Grotto Gallery "Escape the Madness" exhibit which runs through January 12th, 2018 in downtown Tempe, Arizona.

Grotto Gallery

Our Winter Solstice Collection:

Brand new and entirely handmade glass pendants. This batch in cool neutrals with little flecks of color. Pendants are flame-worked glass beads entirely made by hand using a torch and fully annealed overnight in a kiln.  Clasps are handmade as well - most are sterling silver and some are bronze.

​Glass. Sterling silver. Silk. Velvet. Leather.

​Each piece is totally unique and exceptionally detailed with accents like vintage Bali-Silver caps and beads, as well as Japanese glass seed beads.

​Celebrating this calm and peaceful time of year in nature. 

​We did a nice blog post about this too, if you are interested you can check it out on